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saddle bag boot

Japanese christmas boots in '60 era was inspired to make the shape.
it is not ornaments ,indivual decoration,many cokies chocolates candys in it.
the saddlebag attach to the saddle rail with one leather strap.
another leather strap to the seat post.all leather belts closure arepin buckles brass made.
we think ,the way is the most safe and unbroken.
180mm height of the bag,I think fitted road bike,mountain bike,also randonneurif you are tall.
both sides open pockets,main compartment brass buckle closure.
The flap have both sides ears on width,against dropping inner stuffs,protecting rain drops.

22.03 O.Z. guu watanabe
available colors

saddlebag boot unit price24000JPY
saddlebag 3-point mounting guu-watanabe
saddlebag 3-point mounting guu-watanabe
three- point mounting 4243JPY
(include two bag loops straps 25cm long,
two arrow shap leather on flap,
one strap for saddle rail,another one for seatpost)
updated February2015
saddlebag mesh pocket guu-watanabe
flap inside mesh pocket 800JPY
(you can see white lower line is
elastic,open toward bottom.)
updated February2015
zone1 HongKong,Korea,Singapore,Taiwan,Thailand ASIA2100JPY
zone2 U.S.,Canada,Australie 2900JPY
zone3 U.K.,France,Germany,EURO 3200JPY
carrier EMSJAPAN POST SERVICE Co.,Ltd speedy and safe,track the package


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