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Pannier retro

from left Pannier retro
saddlebag may
handlebar bag-retro17

total weight of the package is 2500g.

compare:pannier osyare:side bag standard

available colors guu-watanabeavailable colors

Pannier retro unit price 36000JPY
zone1 HongKong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, ASIA2700JPY
zone2 U.S.,Canada,Australie3700JPY
zone3 U.K.,Germany,EURO 4100JPY
zone4 South America ,Africa5700JPY
domestic shipping free
add consumptionTax 8% 2880JPY if you live in JAPAN
JAPAN POST SERVICE Co.,Ltd speedy and safe,track the package
"twin plan" two at a time ,Panniers retro was 72000JPY changed 64800JPY=36000x2x0.9
twin plan zone1 Taiwan ASIA 4300JPY
twin plan zone2 U.S.A.,CANADA.,AUSTRALIE 5900JPY
twin plan zone3 Great Britain ,GERMANY,EUROPE 6600JPY
twin plan zone4 MIDDLE AMERICA ,AFRICA 10300JPY


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