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Japanese handlebar bag standard

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handlebar bag  standard unit price 16000JPY

handlebarbag guu watanabefront
bike bags guu watanaberear
handlebarbag guu watanabeboth sides
handlebarbag guu watanabebottom
bike bags guu watanabetop

We modified more attractive offer"twin program".(update on 2016 February)
twin program
When you order two pieces in same design at a time,you can get "twin program".
10% off price.
Let me show you an example.
If you place order ;handlebar bag standard (naked) color in black1 & tan1 at a time;
16000x2x0.9=28800JPY,Enjoy this program.

canvas 22.03oz.

handlebar bag  standard unit price 16000JPY

Front Elements

* bike bags guu watanabe
the front line of fabric can be replaced in leather:

the lining of flap can add #11 cotton canvas :
color:black or white
handlebar bag front pocket

the lining of flap can add
handlebar bag kimono guu watanabe
kimono print :
kimono print

Rear Elements

* bike bags guu watanabe
the tab for the vertical up of the rack
can replace made of leather,a leather strap 185mm long with pin-buckel (brass made):
handlebar bag leather tab for back stop

vertical center leather and a leather strap 185mm long
with pin-bucle(brass made):
handlebar bag rear center vertical leather strip

handlebar bag rear 3D pockets
can be added rear 3D pockets :

handlebar bag rear piping pockets
can be added rear piping pockets:

the lining of flaps can add #11 cotton canvas lining
color:black or white

the lining of flaps can add kimono print:
available kimono prints
#1 four seasons#2 shibori#3 flower chain#4 rimpa#5 noshi#7
kimono print

handlebar bag interior and exterior
seen interior and exterior of handlebar side leather strip in standard

If you attach to the handlebar with leather straps
handlebar mounting leather straps
pin-buckel (brass made) 240mm-long leather straps:
handlebar bag handlebar
space A is most popular

handlebar bag handlebar
space B is little wider.

handlebar bag handlebar
space C is most widest.

Both Sides Elements

* handlebar bag both sides elements
hemstitch in standard
handlebar bag guu-watanabe
pockets hemstitch can be replaced leather binding

handlebar bag ear shape
depth flap ear shape in standard
handlebar bag roof shape
can be replaced roof shape:

handlebar bag using klick-fix
using klickfix bar bag mount loop
include two velcros
width of the bag become 270mm

handlebar bag using NITTO F-15
using nitto F-15 loop
include two velcros
width of the bag become 250mm

handlebar bag d-ring with fabric
can add D-rings(brass made) with fabric

handlebar bag d-ring with leather
can add D-rings (brass made)with leather

Top Element

* bike bags guu watanabe
map pocket:sight wide260 height140less
handlebar bag detachable map pocket
:detachable large sight wide260height180

Bottom Element

handlebar bag bottom leather strap
bottom rack leather strap;please share your platform size long and width

Interior Element

* handlebar bag stiffner
stiffener available,made of polythene sheet wrapped with #11 cotton canvas

vege-tanned leather brown
we have nice another color brown
 adding 10% of total price .


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Shipping rates

zone1 HongKong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, ASIA2700JPY
zone2 U.S.,Canada,Australie3700JPY
zone3 U.K.,Germany,EURO 4100JPY
zone4 South America ,Africa5700JPY
carrier EMSJAPAN POST SERVICE Co.,Ltd speedy and safe,track the package
--clue of launch-- We received many requiries from english speaker .
Thank you for any email sender.
But I remained some words especialy "outrangeously expensive" in my mind.
and I found some customer do not need small component in our bags.
So Shoichi and I talked about those things.
We propose a new price bag.
the first item is Handlebar bag.
we call "standard".how to custom we explain .on Jan.2011
Thank you for your cooperation.


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