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How to place order

What's "twin program"?
twin program is kind of a special offer.
When you order two pieces in same design at a time,you can get "twin program".
one out of two is standard price,another is minus 10% off price.
Let me show you an example.
If you place order ;handlebar bag standard color in black1 & tan1 at a time;
16000+16000x0.9=30400JPY,Enjoy this program.

How the following of customed bag?
Hi,my name is Tomoko.I'm in customer service.
customer service,Watanabe Tomoko,
I'd be happy to help you find the bag what you want .I sincerely appriciate your support!
We modify our bags on a custom basis.

handmadePlease see our option list.
And here,the basic plan of us standard bag (naked)

If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us

Could you share what your dream bag is?
At this time in handlebar bag,If you can't find similar bag,you might want to make unexistance model.
the first step:
what kind of bicycle do you have? what is the distance from the handlebar to the front rack?And what is the width between the ends of the handlebars?
how to measure here

We would love to discuss your dream bag.If you a Flickr member,please show me your bike!
Exchanging email to discuss your bag may take time,but will be very valuable in planning your bag.
To confirm the plan,I will sent a diagram for your approval.

I'm afraid we must ask for  UPFRONT payments for the total price.
I will send a Paypal invoice to your email address.
We cannot start the work untill we receive your payment.
However,I will let you know the date of completion prior to getting payment.

The wait time depends on our current backorder.
Your patience will be rewarded when you receive your bag!.

Note:Sample pictures on our web page may differ slightly from actual merchandise.

stampif you like to put katakana characters inside of your bag, available,free service.
also in alphabet available,free service.

How long will it be before I recieve my order?

Domestic shipping;
item in stock: within 3-4 business days
Out of stock: 14 business days.
We use Yamato Tranceport Co,.Ltd

International shipping:
item in stock: within 10 business days
out of stock : 14 business days.
We use Japan Postal Service EMS


world delivery

*International shipping fee

when you purchase various items on our web site,if you might think to many shipping charges.
please don't worry,after sent out ,at the same day ,we will place refund following to your PAYPAL account.

zone1 Asia
zone2 North America ,Middle America,Oceania,The Middle and Near East
zone3 Europe
zone4 Africa,South America

Please note that you may need to pay additional import fees, taxes, brokerage fees, and handling fees to receive your order. These additional fees are not controlled by Co.Ltd.guu-watanabe. Also, you might be contacted by your local customs office concerning payment of customs fees, or to receive final delivery of your order. Customs processing of your shipment might cause delays in the delivery of your package. Please make sure you are familiar with your countryfs customs process and fee structure before you order ? so you know what to expect.

*Domestic Japan
when the total amount of items 10,000JPY less is below.

Item price\20000 over is free shipping.

*Where is my package? international shipping
when we send out the package, we will email you the delivery waybill number.

below screen is Individual EMS item number serch(JAPAN POST SERVICE CO.,LTD)


in english top page
please click Track&Trace Serice page ,please click <Item No Search >//EMS <Target>EMS International Air Parcel Post<selection button>
and then you can see above screen.title=Individual EMS item number search
please fill your waybill item number blanck,and click tracking starts button.

after arrived your country


Postes Canada-Canada Post

U.S.A.(Default shipping all orders within the United States is US Postal Service)
United States Postal Service


What are your accepted payment methods?
All prices listed on our website are in JPY Yen.
We accept PayPal.
For more information on a PayPal account, visit their website.

To place your order using PayPal, just place items in your shopping cart, this will direct you to the PayPal website. Enter your PayPal login e-mail address and password and hit continue. Follow the instructions on the PayPal website to process your payment. Once you confirm and process the final payment on the PayPal website, you will be redirected back to Co.Ltd guu-watanabe website, and you will receive PayPal e-mail.
Please note: If you want to cancel your order, let us know that you used PayPal via e-mail.

Whatfs your return policy?
You may return a product for refund or exchange within 7 days from delivery of your order. (The order shipment date and notification are provided to you by e-mail) All returns must have a Return EMS item Number . You may get this by emailing us at ask

After receiving authorization, write the EMS item Number in a visible place on the outside of the returning package. Co. Ltd. guu-watanabe does not accept return packages without a EMS item Number on the package.

Please enclose a copy of your original invoice when returning , and send via prepaid shipping to:

Co.Ltd guu-watanabe
Tokyo 180-0003
Phone +81-422-40-9044

No returns accepted after 7 days.
Products must be in new without wear.
No canceled orders are allowed on made to order items.

If you ordered the wrong item, or simply changed your mind,
we will refund you for your purchase (minus the shipping cost), provided the returned item are received back in their original packaging, along with all accessories, provided your purchase is in new without wear. When your return is received, you will be issued a refund to your paypal account. Shipping(each charge) and handling charge(\500) is not Refundable.

Damaged Goods during delivering

Please inspect all orders immediately upon receiving them to check for any damage. If there is any damage to any of the products in your order, please contact the delivering carrier at once. Keep the shipping carton and all packaging material. Co.Ltd guu-watanabe cannot initiate the claim with the Postal Service. Once you have a claim number, please get a EMS item Number .

What's your cancellation policy?
You have the ability to cancel your own order, as long as it hasnft been sent to our shop for processing. To cancel your order, let us know via e-mail.

*A story of material

Our products made of 22.3oz duck and vegetable tannned leather.
22.3oz duck =No.6 HANPUcome from Kurashiki Okayama Prefecture JAPAN .

(there are the goods at the time of screen and color of different )
these are beautiful cotton ducks,we made bags from them.

Material is original canvas. It makes KOMA thread by shuttle loon.there is "selvage" end of each cloth.nowadays this is rare.
Generally a thread weaving canvas is a short thread after having sorted a thread for clothes, but a KOMA thread is a thread before sorting it that fiber is long.Of course, because it is all cotton
Paraffin waterproofing is held to cloth.
◎There is strength◎There is not poorness of cloth
Because it is given paraffin waterproofing, it is effective for water from the outside.
Twist four the tenth person threads, and a meaning of No.6 made the warp and the weft one of them and wove it.
There is eight kinds of (1,5,7, missing number) thickness of No.2 to No.11 by thickness of a thread to use, and small number is thick.
Now 6 appears among sold things and is the thickest in Japan.
Discoloration can be given by a use condition (sweat, water, friction) to some extent, please be careful.

Leather veg-tanned leather
Natural,steer haid,vegetable-tanned,drum-dyed ,oil-rich,hand-made by tannery Tochigi in Japan.
It seems to be the thing which the person who says Mr.Charlie Henken to "Tochigihikaku" in early period of Showa does this leather, and taught the manufacturing method.
What use this leather watched data of"Tochigihikaku" now, and there seems to be us and thinks when you can be proud plenty
I used you as combat boots in old days, and a senior officer did silver trappings (it is the surface of a crane to have cramped) inward daringly, and a foot seems to have entered shoes smoothly.
When I looked as shoes, I see the other side and will think that I am uncool?
An officer can lack in trouble hard and, in "FUNORI" and "oil", does it like the surface

A production of leather as raw material supplier says with "salt raw pelt" not to be corrupt till I tan it and go over to a manufacturer, and it is stored up food preserved in salt.
And pass and tan washing in water, a soaked in lining lime, a preparations process such as falling-out hair till it becomes the "leather" neighbor, a product from "skin", and it is extension more a dyeing process、
It is drying, shine, and I submit press to a finish process for 30 days from 20 days, and natural hides are completed. BR
Tanned it, and the cowhide used juice of the old trees and plants astringent juice tan it, and inherit a method.
Because it is finished firmly with leather being thick, it does not readily lose shape. Because discoloration can be given by a use condition (sweat, water, friction) to some extent, please be careful.

As for sewing machine thread "Vinymo", it is used around 50000 dozens a year as hides use with a product of Kuraray Co.,Ltd.
25 times of earth when I connect this to one of them. The seam that a design is the born orthodox school for "hides" more at first, and Vinymo is beautiful, strength, quality good point to last a long time

The display based on Japanese Specific Commercial Law

Merchant name: Co.Ltd guu-watanabe
Representative: Watanabe Shoichi
Telephone number: +81-422-40-9044
Fax Number: +81-422-71-0471
Selling prices: Indicated individually on the goods
Return policy: Basically no return or exchange, but defective commodities without marking can be exchanged with nondefectives
Return / exchange period: Please inform us within three days from the delivery of your order and unused.
Fees other than commodity prices: Shipping and handling fees,and custom duty.
Available payment methods: Paypal
Time to delivery: After receiving payment

Please feel free to contact me,customer service Watanabe Tomoko contact Tomoko Watanabe

Thank you for your cooperation.


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