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customed bags

madam purse and breif guu-watanabe

image of brief guu-watanabe
the image over 3weeks email exchange
hand pressure guu-watanabe
hand press leather cut
leather parts guu-watanabe
leather parts
scrub leather edge guu-watanabe
smooth leather edge
scrub large image guu-watanabe
before polish work
cool brief guu-watanabe
brief color in orange
orange color brief guu-watanabe
back view
smart phone pocket guu-watanabe
put divided wall
front panel guu-watanabe
put divided wall guu-watanabe
phone pocket,pen holders
brief bottom guu-watanabe
bottom studs
image of madam purse guu-watanabe
image of surprize christmas gift 2013
madam purse guu-watanabe
handlebar bag combine madan purse,never seen before the one.
madam paurse back view guu-watanabe
back and side view
indenpensable stuff in guu-watanabe
inside kimono print was provided by the customer
bottom studs guu-watanabe
bottom studs
sewing work guu-watanabe
sewing work


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