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Our goal is exactly what you want !

  • the front wall pocket
    ;the sewing line divide wall pocket into two parts
    ;a small pocket in the left part inside.
    attached to the carrier with leather straps and a nylon belt
    the lid with snap closure above the main room zipper.
    bottom studs
  • the other day we received a email attached some pictures from EU.
    he searched the bag that commuting to work on his bike,
    bring 14" laptop(zeptoznote 6214W), a couple of books and a briefcase.
    after consulting,40cm wide 30 tall and 12 cm deep,
    inside a large pocket for laptop and the rest for books,
    a wall pocket on the side.
    same vegetabled leather padded shoulder strap
    adjustable with pin-buckle,also detachable.
    on January 2010